The C-U Biking Calendar strives to be a comprehensive source of information for all biking-related happenings in Champaign-Urbana and nearby communities. If your biking-related organization maintains a Google Calendar with events that you would like to have included here, please contact

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  • Click triangle on upper right to show/hide groups. Click Week/Month/Agenda tabs to change view.
  • Click on event to see location and other event information (events announced by a given organization might be organized by a different organization).
  • Subscribe: Your computer, phone, PDA, or email account can subscribe to some or all of these events. Click on “+” sign at bottom of calendar to subscribe your personal Google calendar to U-C Bike Advocacy Events, then use on-page help to see the many options to access the calendar. If you don’t have a Google Calendar account, get one for free.