If you made an online donation for the Kickapoo Rail Trail (KRT), CCB will have their special Kickapoo Trail Edition Bike Month t-shirts at all these events for you to pick one up.

2015 Adult T-shirt

2015 Adult T-shirt

Urbana’s Market at the Square, Saturday May 16, 23, and 30th.  7 am – 12 pm.

CCB Membership Event, watching The Bike Thieves at the Outdoor Movie Night in Downtown Urbana, just north of the Courier.  May 29th, come 45 min before dusk.

Carle’s Playing it Safe Event – Bike Rodeo site.  Saturday May 30th, 8-12

Moonlight / Ice Cream Ride – Meadowbrook Park, June 1, come 30 min before sunset.